Owning or playing on a fantasy sports platform doesn’t make you feel that you are royal unless-until it’s Royal11 app, which works only to make you feel the royalty. Throughout the User Interface, sport selection or contests, you can feel the royal touch that makes us unique from all existing fantasy platforms out there.

To add more royal gestures for the royal users, we are here with our USP – ROYAL CASH, which we also denoted as “ROYALTY FOR ROYALS”

Curious to know more about it? Here we go!

ROYAL Cash is our gesture or a return gift to our beloved users, affiliates, or supporters, who supports us in our journey. Or you can say it like you are getting a fixed royalty for your association.

In general, Royal cash is our endeavor to return a fixed amount of royalty to your faith over us.

Key Questions that can rescue your imagination!

Hold on for a while and keep your curiosity with you. Your curiosity can lead you to rescue yourself from your fast pace imaginations. Check out the key questions that can resolve your doubts about our “ROYALTY” a.k.a “Royal Cash”.

Royal Cash is an additional monthly amount a.k.a “ROYALTY” that Royal11 offers to its users on their deposited and winning amounts, which means your deposited and winning amount will earn for you when it is on your wallet and this can be used to join a paid contest on

Just like your savings bank account, your savings on the Royal11 account will earn for you every month. The higher amount you store in your Royal11 Wallet; the higher “Royalty” you will get monthly. Your saving can count both – your deposits and your winnings.

The growing fantasy sports platform - Royal11 offered up to a 5% additional amount every month to its royal users. This “ROYALTY” depends on the amount saved in the wallet and will automatically be calculated/added to the wallet.

A bonus is a fixed amount for a fixed time frame, for example: if you add ?5000 within 24 hours to your account using the bonus code then only you can get a fixed bonus. While our “ROYALTY” aka “ROYAL CASH” used to be calculated automatically and every month on the amount presented in your wallet.

Bonus Amount can only be used to join a bonus contest, while with Royal cash, you can join any paid contest.

Your earned “Royalty” or “Royal Cash” can be used to join any paid contest available in any sport. Either you can play cricket contests or Football leagues on Royal11 with your additional “ROYALTY”.

Whenever you join a contest, the Royal11 app will ask you to pay the entry fee using any option, which can be UPI, Paytm, or your “Royal Cash”.

Unfortunately, NO! you can’t. This is what differentiates it from the bank’s savings account. You can only use this “ROYALTY” to join paid contests at any time in any sport only on Royal11.

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